Hi, I’m Britta Alexander

I’ve spent my entire career helping authors, writers, and brands tell better stories.

I’ve been a New York literary agent, advertising copywriter, magazine editor, and founder of a content-focused digital agency. With Year of the Book, I’m connecting all of this expertise to help authors bring meaningful books into the world.

Here’s what I want for you

I want you to publish work you’ll be proud of – today and tomorrow. I want you to publish work that represents the best of your expertise. I want your readers to receive the messages you most want to share.

The way to get there is by going deeper.

Going deeper means not taking the easy way out. It means not skipping over the hard parts. It means not summing everything up in exposition, but taking the time to draw us into a narrative. And more.

By going deeper:

  • We connect more fully to our reader
  • We stop sounding like everyone else
  • Our messages become stories readers remember and share.

I can’t promise this work is going to be easy, but it’s a heck of a lot better than doing it alone. Here’s how I can help.


More about me

I came to New York in my early 20’s as an advertising copywriter. I learned the art of balancing strategy and creativity while working on campaigns for Dell, Burger King, Montblanc and Unilever.

After I was good and burned out from that fun and wild ride, I earned an MFA in Fiction. At the same time, I landed a job working for Ned Leavitt at The Ned Leavitt Agency.

Ned taught me how to edit manuscripts gracefully and with depth while working with superstars like Caroline Myss, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, and more. Soon I was bringing in clients of my own and landing six-figure book deals. That’s when Ned added “fierce contract negotiator” to my resume.

A move to Florida led me to put my book career on hold. That’s when I co-founded a content-focused digital agency with my husband.

Six years later, I’m a mom to two very young (and loud) boys, live in the New York village of my dreams, and am doing the work I love.


Speaking and guests posts

The lovely ladies at Mamacoach Circle invited me to be either January 2013 guest speaker on “Tapping Into Your Inner Author.”

I’m a contributor to The Mogul Mom, an excellent resource for moms who are “running a business, raising a family, and rocking both.”