I help non-fiction writers (authors, bloggers, speakers, and experts) plan, write, and publish meaningful books.

I can help you:

  • Get clear on your message and the best way to deliver it (whether it’s a book, program, proposal, series, or product)
  • Grow as a writer as you develop high-quality written material
  • Push past fear and get to work
  • Work more efficiently by setting clear, measurable goals
  • Have accountability (i.e. deadlines!)
  • Make sure the quality of your writing reflects the quality of your expertise
  • Apply deep industry knowledge and marketing insight to your projects
  • Navigate the publishing industry and develop a publishing strategy/gameplan
  • Sleep easier at night knowing you have someone in your corner who would never let you publish something you’ll regret

Planning your book project

  • You’re not sure how to get started writing a book and you don’t want to waste time.
  • You’re not sure which book to write first.
  • You’re not sure if you have too much material or too little material for a book.
  • Should you re-purpose the material you have or take a new approach?
  • You’re not quite ready to write a book but want to improve your writing (blogs, articles, programs, presentation) now before you start your book project.

Writing your book

  • You have an outline, but you’re not making as much progress as you want with the actual writing.
  • You have a book proposal draft — but you want to make it better.
  • You have a book contract, but you want to work closely with an editor before you submit it to your publisher.
  • You work best when you have a sense of accountability and aren’t working in a vacuum.

Publishing your book

  • Should you go after a big book deal or self-publish?
  • How are you building your platform before, during, and after your book launch?
  • What steps do you need to take to get published?
  • I’ll help you take a realistic look at your options and get to the finish line.

How to get started

The best way for us to get started is to complete the pre-coaching worksheet. 

From there, we’ll schedule your free 30-minute strategy session.